Best High Street Wedding Dresses Under £500

Best High Street Wedding Dresses 2016

I recently got engaged and have already started the wedding planning process. Being the fashion lover that I am, I was very excited about shopping for wedding dresses. The only problem is that I am on a bit of a budget – we are doing everything “on the cheap” as much as we can. Of course, just because I am on a budget doesn’t mean that I am willing to compromise on style.

Luckily, the UK high street has a lot of wedding dresses on offer. This list covers the best high street wedding dresses for under £500. I have tried to cover a range of different styles so you can find a dress to suit your individual style.

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Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

I love galaxy nail art – it’s a look I have tried out a few times now and I love how creative you can get with it. There are various tutorials out there showing you how to accomplish the galaxy nails look, but I’ve included a few pictures here to show you how I achieved my look. It’s a little rough and I didn’t get a chance to clean up my nails at the end, but you get the idea.

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10 Natural Hair Masks for Hair Growth

Natural Hair Masks for Hair Growth

Today we have a guest post written by Olivia of Every Home Remedy.  Olivia is a stay at home mom of 2 kids and hopes to inspire others by sharing natural home remedies!

Luscious hair makes all the difference in how others see you and how you see yourself, but many different factors can negatively impact your hair growth: diet changes, stress, hormone changes, new medications and sleep deprivation have all been linked to hair growth or lack thereof.

Everybody wants healthier looking hair, but in-store products can get expensive quick and often don’t work as advertised. Thankfully people have been trying to grow thicker, more vibrant hair for a long time and over the centuries they’ve discovered many easy-to-make remedies. Even better, you can find most of the ingredients for many of these remedies in your kitchen already.

Try any of these natural hair masks for hair growth and look forward to long luscious locks!

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Top 5 Weekend Bags For Women

river island paris bag

I’ve been away on a lot of short trips recently and the one thing I have come to realise is that I am in serious need of a new weekend bag. I’ve got my travel luggage all sorted for longer trips abroad, but a weekend bag? I tend to just take my backpack, which is nowhere near big enough! Time to do a bit of shopping around to see what the best weekend bags for women are.

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