Polka Dot Nails

I thought I would try out polka dot nails after seeing an article in Look magazine on how to do it. Here are the results:

polka dot nails

All you need are two different colours of nail polish and a pin. I chose a light colour for the base and a darker colour for the polka dots. Once you have applied the base coat, just dip the head of a pin into your colour of choice and apply the dots. Mine aren’t very even but I kind of like it like that. I got some compliments so will probably be trying it again, but with a different colour combination. What do you think?

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I love my…new boots!

In my last post I showed you the new wedge ankle boots I bought and I am loving them! So much so that I decided to wear them out again tonight. This is what I’m wearing them with tonight:


This pretty electric blue 50s style dress was from Topshop and I bought it a couple of years ago.

New…ASOS wedge ankle boots

I made the most of the ASOS sale recently and bought some new wedge ankle boots. I kept seeing these when building outfits and loved them. They were half price at just £24! If you’re interested you can find them here.

New ankle boots

They’re perfect for a night out as they’re actually pretty comfortable; and I don’t normally wear heels. I thought I’d keep the rest of the outfit simple to emphasise the boots!